The MotionNode system was designed for human motion tracking. The sensor hardware configuration and orientation tracking algorithm are optimized to meet this goal.

The measurement range of each sensor targets typical human motion. The orientation algorithm assumes that the sensors will not measure any motion not physically possible with the human body.

This focus does not exclude all other types of motion, but should be used as a guideline to decide whether the MotionNode device is suitable for your application.

Here are a few example applications of the MotionNode sensor:

Motion Research

Research institutions will find MotionNode to be a robust orientation reference platform. Using the Software Development Kit, you can create real-time computer applications. Use the orientation estimates, or access the calibrated acceleration, angular velocity, and magnetic field data for use in custom processing and algorithms.

Please contact us if your research institution is interested in learning more about MotionNode and what it has to offer.

Virtual Reality

MotionNode is well suited for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. There is a wide range of uses, including flight simulation, CAVE environments, industrial training, motion capture, camera tracking, and more. MotionNode is easily adaptable for use in any of these applications.

We include support for the following virtual reality device toolkits:

We also include real-time plugins for the following VR enabled game engines:

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine

See our Virtual Reality Toolkit application note and support files for a full example of MotionNode integration with a VR viewer.

If you have any questions about MotionNode and how it can fit into your virtual product or application, please email us.


Animation applications include orientation and inertial input devices, desktop motion capture, 3D content creation products, and more.

The MotionNode software is designed for easy integration with existing animation pipelines. We support the following standard data formats for orientation data export:

  • Autodesk FBX
  • Biovision Hierarchy (BVH)
  • Comma separated text (CSV)

We also include live-streaming plugins for popular game engines:

  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine

See our support files for a full example of MotionNode integration with a real-time 3D game engine. Note that this example uses the MotionNode as a real-time input rather than to pre-record animation.


Measuring the orientation of body segments with precision and minimal physical encumbrance is crucial to biomechanics research.

MotionNode provides orientation, acceleration, and angular rate data in real-time, making it perfect for almost any biomechanics research application. The small form of the device allows for easy attachment to the body.

We also offer ShadowExternal link, a complete wearable system for motion capture. We recommend Shadow for tracking the lower body, upper body, or full body.


Please contact us to discuss whether MotionNode is suitable for your application.