MotionNode Bus, host unit with two attached sensor nodes

MotionNode Bus is a wearable network of 3-DOF inertial measurement units (IMU) for use in motion capture applications. Our MotionNode Bus system is compact, easy to use, and yields accurate orientation tracking results.

The portable network of sensor nodes is powered and controlled by the host unit. The host unit collects data and provides wireless connectivity to your PC.

A rechargeable battery supplies power to the entire network. Each MotionNode Bus includes two batteries and a charger to minimize down time.

Please download the MotionNode Bus Specification sheet for more detailed information.

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MotionNode Bus, host unit with one node attached


  • Standalone operation of multiple MotionNode IMU modules
  • Supports from one to twenty sensor nodes
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Wearable, portable, ambulatory system
  • Small size, minimizes interference with natural motion
  • Runs from battery power
  • Stream real-time data over wireless connection
  • Record data to internal flash memory
  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems
MotionNode Bus Diagram

Sensor Network

The bus hosts a wired network of MotionNode Miniature Inertial Measurement Units. The bus controller collects data from all connected sensors and publishes it in real-time.

The bus is configurable to support from one to twenty sensors. The controller supports from one to four chains of sensors for convenient wiring. Sensors can be added to or moved within the bus with ease. The MotionNode Bus is also available as ShadowExternal link, a complete wearable sensor network for motion capture.

Each MotionNode module in the network uses nine high quality sensors to compute an accurate and stable orientation. One accelerometer, one gyroscope, and one magnetometer contribute real-time data for each of the three axes.

The MotionNode Bus includes software for your computer. The software provides a simple interface to:

  • Configure your sensor(s)
  • Adjust sensitivity and filter parameters for different application requirements
  • Preview all output data in real-time
  • Record orientation and sensor data
  • Organize captured motion data and sensor streams for easy retrieval
  • Export motion capture data to standard file formats

The orientation data is available for export to a number of formats, including the industry standards FBX and COLLADA. For more detailed information about the MotionNode software package, please visit our documentation page.

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) provides real-time access to all outputs of the MotionNode pipeline. The SDK is open source and available in the C++, C#, Java, and Python programming languages.

If you have any questions regarding the MotionNode system, please contact us.